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    Thursday, 4 May 2017

    Ads not displaying on Blogger Blog [SOLVED] [Blank Spaces instead of ads]

    Can't turn on Ads for Earnings?

    If ads are not displaying on your blogger blog or you mean to say that when you try to turn Ads on in "Earnings" tab but that does not work.
    Then their is no solution for you, you first need to get approved for blogger blog

    Ads showing blank spaces

    Well,  after all,  you can turn on Ads for Earnings in "Earnings" tab.
    As well as, you can put ads on blogger blog through "Layout" by adding widgets of Google Adsense
    But can't see the ads on your Blog, then one of the following can be the solution for you
    • Try cleaning your Browser cache and history
    • Check if your Browser has ad-blocking feature
    • You may have installed Ad-blocking extension or Software running in background
    If none of the above works for you, then you may have approved your Google Adsense Account through YouTube or AdMob. But this has become a old method to get approved and does not works anymore since the Google has passed the policy to stop violating their laws.

    Well, you approved your Google Adsense through YouTube? and you admit it? then the only Solution for you is that you need to Upgrade your Google Adsense Account

    And everything will work perfect after upgrading your Google Adsense Account

    Note that if you haven't already verified your address via a Personal Identification Number (PIN), then you'll need to do this before you can apply to show ads on your own site

    Or if you have not reached the minimum threeshold on Google Adsense and can't request for PIN yet, then there is no problem for you, Go ahead for upgrading

    Upgrading your Google Adsense Account

    • Sign in to your AdSense account.
    • In the left navigation panel, click My ads.
    • Click Other products.
    • Click Upgrade now and complete the application form.
    • Finally you need to implement AdSense ad code on the URL that you provided above, on a page that receives traffic.

    Note that you will need to get ads code from Google Adsense and need to put them into the HTML widget onto the page or sidebar of your Blog or website. It will first show blank spaces but when you're approved that blank spaces will be filled with ads

    Once, you're approved you can Show ads on your Blogger Blog or any other website without any difficulties with the Earnings in your Google Adsense Account

    But keep in mind that you need to buy a domain for that. Domain quality does not matter for all accounts. So before earning millions of dollars, you need to invest a little bit.

    If you're facing any kind of issue or problem, then feel free to ask in the Comments Session down below. We're updated 7 days a week, and 24 hours a day.

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