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    Sunday, 22 January 2017

    Best Web Browser Of 2017! [Better than Google Chrome]

    Best Web Browser Of 2017

    Welcome back MyOnHaxiers to another post, You people must be thinking of this Best web browser of 2017 that is better than Google Chrome. Wait is over now

    Let me introduce to you, the Maxthon 5 Web Browser Of 2017

    Maxthon 5 Web Browser

    Maxthon, creator of the multi-platform Cloud Browser, has released an application that they say represents the “future of browsers”. Available on AndroidiOS (9.x and above) and Windows operating systems, MX5 strives to be much more than just a Web browser.


    • Infobox
    • Paskeeper
    • UUMail
    • Integrated Ad Blocker
    • Night Mode
    • Snap Tool
    • Extensions
    • Developer Tools
    • Private Using / Incognito Mode


    Maxthon 5 Web Browser | 49.5 MB

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