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    Wednesday, 3 February 2016

    How to Remove Autoltv3 Virus

    Hello MyOnHaxiers`!
    Today we will be removing Autoltv3.exe Virus

    Symptoms/How it load?

    • Open Task Manager
    • You will see a autoltv3.exe running in background

    Where it exits?/Its location

    • It exits everywhere
    • It replicates itself but it mostly exists in C:\ and D:\ Disk but as a hidden file or folder

    How to remove it??

    • So lets work on its removal? Ok let's go! follow the steps below
    • First, Move your mouse cursor to the right corner (If you are Windows 8 User) OR simply open StartMenu
    • Write "C:\" in StartMenu and you will see a folder named like Skypee Google,open that and you will see Autoltv3.exe original setup there, now delete all files in that folder and also delete that (Google/Skypee) folder
    • Now again, Write open up StartMenu and write "D:\" this time you will see a folder named Google or Skypee in D Disk, simply delete that folder by using StartMenu
    • Now to remove the virus completely, open run command and type %temp% and hit enter and delete all the files in %temp% folder.. Again open run command this time, write temp and hit enter and delete all the files in temp folder.. Now for the last time, open run command, write prefetch and hit enter and delete all the files in prefetch folder
    • I would recommend you to clean your registry for errors by using CCleaner or any good registery ccleaner and then you are done
    • And if you are again facing that problem i would recommend you to use "Autoltv3 Removal Tool" It's Free and can be downloaded and installed on any type of PC

    Cheers with MyOnHAX!

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