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    Sunday, 3 May 2015

    Download WWE 2k15 Full Version [Updated]

    WWE 2K 15 is wrestling and shooting vedio game.This game was developed by Visual Concepts and it is published by 2K Sports.This is the latest series of this game WWE and it was released on October 28,2014 in North America and after that it was again released on October 31,2014 in Europe for the PlayStation 3 ,PlayStation 4 and XBOX it was released on November 18,2014 in North America and after that in November 21,2014 in Europe.In this game cover features of John Cena are used and this is the first game in which logo of WWE are used in 2014.WWE 2K 15 game was first game which was released for PC in 2002 WWE RAW.The faces of real players and superstars are used in this game.

    Its features are very near to its real features and players faces.Body scanning technology is used in this game and the dresses ,hair textures have been enhanced very cleanly in the game.All the matches are got its from previous series and games.In this game many new styles nad features are introduced now like Steel Cage match has been shown in this game.The latest features is that the player needs to press the buttons chain in sequence decamp  as hurryuply.In the cell when a player fighting to their enemies the player has to option to use different weapons that a player can used for cheating and can find out the underneath the ring.

    It has also get new features of to move pack from there a player can access more that 30 new moves abd features like Spinning powerbomb and other is Uso Crazy and many more.The sound of this game is very unique and amaizng grapics are used in this game.Jhon Cena,Wiz Khalifa and Jhon Cena are in this game.Its quite differnt game for its previous series games and its realy amazing features and soundtracks.Superstar Big Show also in this game and he is fighting very amazingly.

    About WWE 2K 15 Game :-))

    • Developers : Visual Concepts/Yuke's
    • Publishers : 2K Sports
    • Genres : Professional Wrestling Fighting Sports
    • Platform : Playstation 3,Playstation 4,XBOX 360,XBOX One,Microsoft Windows
    • Series : WWE 2K
    • Release Date: October 28,2014/October 31,2014/November 18,2014/November 21,2014/April 28,2015
    • Mode : Single Player , Multiplayer

    Features of WWE 2K 15 Game For PC Game:-))

    Elevation Graphics
    Music and Sound quality high
    Real faces of Wrestlers 
    Option of Replay Game is also available
    Single and Multiplayer content is used
    Developed the Visuals
    Unique multiplayer are available

    System Requirements:WWE 2K 15 Game :-))

    • OS : Tested on Windows 7 64-/Windows 8.1 64-bit
    • Sound Card : Yes
    • Hard Disk : 10 GB 
    • RAM : 4 GB
    • CPU : Intel Core 2 Duo 2.4 GHz


    1. Thanks for providing a working game and it is running on my PC and wwe 2k15 game free download from the below link:
      Thanks once again for this

    2. WoW! An amazing and latest version of the series and I am providing this version on my blog :)