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    Saturday, 9 May 2015

    Download Sniper Ghost Warrior 2 Full Game

    Sniper:Ghost Warrior 2 is prudent shooter video game which is developed by City Interactive and it is published by City Interactive.This game was released for Microsoft Windows,Playstation3 and for XBOX 360 on March 12,2013 in North America and in Europe on March 15,2013 and in Australia March 19,2013. Really amazing and unique weapons for firing used in this game.Basically military sniper are involved and their enemies are very powerful in this game.In the game player can crew through long grassesin the green area.It is most challenging game of this series.

    In the game the player has many strong and unique weapons for killing their enemies.A private security consultant named Captain Cole Anderson had taking the control over, agency agent Dias creating their thanks to an previous Russian measuring system post to destroy it whereas performing on a tip that some mercenaries had assembled there to broker a deal for a bio agent weapon. Whereas Dias destroys it, he overhears enemy radio chatter concerning the capture of a spy operating for the PSC by the soldier of fortune. Dias commands a team to rescue the operative whereas Anderson makes his thanks to offer firing from a cave commanding the resort, wherever the soldier is being command captive and wherever the supposed deal is scheduled  to require place.

    When back from the lock up, Bartholomeu Diaz visits Cole, informing him that he has force in favours to induce him out of the brig and back in action with him as they have him to kill Merinov UN agency is prepared to sell the Bio Agent to a frenzied pains military leader in Jammu and Kashmir , a fallout of that might produce a war between West Pakistan and India and profit Merinov's gun running operation.Anderson shoots and kills Merinov through the glass of the eggbeater, inflicting it to crash.Maddox but survives and secures the Bio Weapon and taunts Anderson to come back once him. Bartholomeu Diaz asks him if he has anyone watching for him back reception to that Anderson replies 'My rifle is my relief, it's my life' and fall the shell he unbroken for twenty years.

    About Sniper:Ghost Warrior 2 Game:-))

    • Developed By ::: City Interactive
    • Published by ::: City Interactive
    • Distributor ::: Namco Bandai Games
    • Genre ::: First Person Shooter
    • Platform ::: Microsoft Windows /XBOX 360/Play Station3
    • Release Date ::: June 27 2013/March 12, 2013/March 15, 2013/March 19,2013
    • Series :::Sniper

    Features: Sniper Ghost Warrior 2 Game:-))

    1. 3D Elevation Graphics
    2. Military force involved
    3. It is prudent shooting game
    4. Amazing and Army force Story
    5. Option of Replay Game is also available
    6. Single and Multiplayer content is used
    7. Huge range of Mission
    8. Unique weapons are available
    9. Many checkpoints are available
    10. Powerful foes are there

    System Requirments :Sniper Ghost Warrior 2 Game:-))

    • OS ::: Windows XP/ Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8 and 8.1
    • CPU ::: Core 2 Duo
    • RAM ::: 1 GB RAM
    • HDD ::: 10 GB

    Game ScreenShots:-))

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