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    Saturday, 9 May 2015

    Download Resident Evil HD Remaster Full Game

    Resident Evil Hd Remaster-Codex is most popular and amazing action and adventure Video Game. This game was released on 19th January 2015 ,it is belong to the Resident Evil series.It is developed by CAPCOM Co.Ltd and it is published by CAPCOM Co.Ltd and it is designed by Takhahiro Akahori.Resident Evil Hd Remaster-Codex is basically action and adventure Game and single player are involved in it and also multiplayer content has in it. 
    Resident Evil Hd Remaster-Codex shows the 1998 a special force team send in the Raccoon City for.Cosequent to approch they are ambush by a pack of blood thirst dogs and are vigoure to take cover in nearly abode.The Team attacked on the many dangerous dogs and the one team member were killed named Joseph Frost.And the dog kill their one more member.

    About Resident Evil HD Remaster - Codex Game :-))

    • Developers ::: CAPCOM Co.Ltd.
    • Publishers ::: CAPCOM Co. Ltd.
    • Genres ::: Action/Adventure
    • Platform ::: Play Station 3, XBOX 36o, Microsoft Windows
    • Series ::: Resident Evil
    • Releasing Date::: 19th January 2015
    • Mode ::: Single Player

    Features:Resident Evil HD Remaster-Codex Game:-))

    • Elevation Graphics that have retain the horror
    • Music and Sound quality highly used in the game
    • Unique war weapons are introduced
    • ew quality of sounds are introduced
    • Option of Replay Game is also available
    • Single and Multiplayer content is used
    • Huge Cheat codes are prop up
    • Online multiplayer are available

    System Requirements:-))

    • OS ::: Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8
    • Direct X ::: DX 11
    • HDD::: 20 GB 
    • RAM ::: 4 GB
    • CPU ::: Core i5-2400S 2.7 GHz
    • DirectX ::: Version 9.0

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