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    Sunday, 3 May 2015

    Assassin's Creed Chronicles China Game Download

    Assassins Creed ChroniclesChina is most popular and amazing action and adventure Video 3D Game. This game was released on April 21, 2015 it is belong to the Assassins Creed series.It is developed by Climax Studios and it is published by Ubisoft Entertainment.Assassins Creed ChroniclesChina is basically action Game and single player are involved in it and also multiplayer content has in it. Assassins Creed ChroniclesChina is very amazing game and this is very near to its previous series.

    Basically this game is changed from its previous series and its introduced new and amazing features in it.In this game the single player mode is used and the player completes his given mission with using the leading character expertise to ascend on the Buildings and fight to their enemies.Assassins Creed Chronicles China game shows that three different nations and times and its first one shown in China and where Ming Dynasty started crush and the second role of Shao Jun who was the last assassin of the China Nation.The Shao Jun has been teach by the traditional Ezio Auditore and she is come back to her homework to take the payback.

    In this game player travel all over the China and all of its and it will discover the amazing Empire Ming.Assassins Creed Chronicles China game shows the thrill the in the game and take the new level in the game.Player get the given target and if the player will completed the target and player will get the next target and upgrated the level of the game and get the points.In this game player will get the battery of combat with powerful Kian Sword to kill his enemies and get the next level og the game.

    About Assassins Creed ChroniclesChina Game :-))

    • Developers : Climax Studios
    • Publishers : Ubisoft Entertainment
    • Genres : Action/Adventure/Stealth
    • Platform : Play Station 3, XBOX 36o, Microsoft Windows
    • Series : Assassins Creed
    • Releasing Date: 21st April 2015
    • Mode : Single Player

    Features of Assassins Creed ChroniclesChina Game:-))

    • Elevation Graphics
    • Music and Sound quality high
    • Amazing location of china
    • Strong Graphic and sound 
    • Option of Replay Game is also available
    • Single and Multiplayer content is used
    • Unique online multiplayer are available

    System Requirements: Assassin Creed Chronicles China:-))

    • OS : Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8
    • Hard Disk : 4 GB 
    • RAM : 2 GB
    • CPU : Intel Core 2 Duo 2.6 GHz

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