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    Friday, 3 April 2015

    Earn Money Online with PTC Sites

    Earning with PTC Sites is too easy.Just You have to do is Click on Adds.Per click Add you will get 0.01$ !! When you earn 6$ you will get Paid by your Paypal Account Or Payza Account.Pakistanis should use Payza.

    How to Make Account:

    • Click any following Site(You must select these because these are 100% Trusted)

    • Click On Sign up and fill the fields
    • Confirm your E-mail
    • Now Login to your account

    How to Earn: 2 Methods:

    Method 1:

    • Method 1 is making/earning money in $ through Viewing Adds
    • Login into your Account
    • Click on View Adds (At Top Menu)
    • There will be list of Adds to you
    • You have to click all adds or how much u want to click
    • Types of Adds are some Adds gives 00.01 and some 0.0010
    • When you click on Adds you have to click on Cat Pic
    • Then it will display loading for 6/7sec you have to complete that
    • When you complete loading it will display "0.01/0.0010
    • Then the earnings will Transfer in your Account!!

    Method 2:

    • Method 2 is making/earning money in $ through Refferals(same as Adf.ly Refferals System)
    • Login into your Account
    • Go to your Profile
    • Scroll down to Affiliate Program
    • Copy the Affiliate/Refferal Link
    • Force People to make account and earn from that link
    • On Each Man/Women earnings you will get 20% of them as commision
    • This method is for bussy people or others can also earn from this Method!

    How to Double Earnings:

    • Anyway this is not a hack or cheat
    • Its a option provided by Sites
    • Go to your Profile
    • This doubles your earning like you have earned 10$ it doubles to 20$
    • This option is located at Account Type Option
    • PREMIUM Option is this
    • You only can Premium your account whne you reach 7/8$
    • So first you must Reach 7/8$ by viewing adds or by Refferals
    • Then Upgrade your account STANDARD to PREMIUM

    If You Start Earning from now you can easily earn 20$
    So Start Earning From Now!! If you face any problem comment down!

    Video Tutorial:
    $ W/
    PTC Sites

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