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    Tuesday, 7 April 2015

    Dragon Age Inquisition Full PC Game

    Dragon Age:Inquistion is role playing vedio game this game was developed by BioWare and it is published by Electronic Arts.It was firstly released on November 18 2014 for Microsoft Windowsand Playstation 4 and Playstation 3,XBOX One and XBOX 360.A peace conference between mages and templars is destroyed in an exceedingly massive explosion that conjointly opens the Breach and various smaller rifts, from that demons from the Fade emerge. The Chantry's senior clerics, as well as its leader, the Divine, are killed within the explosion, at the side of several mages and templars. The simply survivor of the blast is that the player character, who is emerges from a rift with a mark on his or her hand capable of closing the rifts, however no memory of what happened.

    Cassandra and Leliana, former assistants to the Divine, enlist the player character's facilitate in closing many rifts. The player character begins to be mentioned because the Herald of Andraste, along with former knight Cullen and ambassador Josephine,they perform one amongest the Divine's last orders and establish the Inquisition, a corporation which may act severally to deal with the crisis and shut the Breach and defeat the one who is created it.In the post epilogue, Flemeth meets with Solas, one amongst the Inquisitor's companions, whom she addresses as "Dread Wolf", admonitory him for giving his orb to Corypheus. Solas admits to own been too weak to unlock the orb's true power when his slumber.

    Solas looks rueful for his actions and recognizing that he deserves penalization, however deeming himself too outstanding to be killed, claiming that the elves want him, he embraces Flemeth and ostensibly petrifies her, leading to his eyes glowing with power.

    About Dragon Age: Inquisition Game :-))

    • Developers : BioWare
    • Publishers : Electronic Arts
    • Genres : Action role playing
    • Platform : Microsoft Windows,PlayStation 3,PlayStation 4,XBOX 360,XBOX One
    • Series : Dragon Age
    • Release Date: November 18,2014/November 18,2014/November 20,2014/November 21,2014/November 27,2014
    • Mode : Single Player , Multiplayer

    Dragon Age Inquisition Trailer:-))

    Features of Dragon Age Inquisition PC Game:-))

    • Elevation Graphics
    • Music and Sound quality high
    • Unique Shooting weapons Models are introduced
    • Option of Replay Game is also available
    • Single and Multiplayer content is used
    • Huge Cheat codes are prop up
    • Unique multiplayer are available

    System Requirements:Dragon Age Inquisition PC Game :-))

    • OS : Windows XP, Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8
    • Sound Card : Yes
    • Hard Disk : 26 GB
    • RAM : 8 GB
    • CPU : AMD six core CPU 3.2 GHz,Intel quard Core CPU 3.0 GHz

    Game ScreenShots:-))

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